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Episode Eighteen: Thankfulness

Cover Artist: atheltiger
Ao3 |Tumblr

Featuring: Flame chats with acts_of_tekla, an OTW volunteer on the Open Doors project, about her work and the work of the OTW in general. Then Flerret get philosophical as they chat about fandom and thankfulness before they turn the mic over to y'all to hear your thoughts on the topic. The ep rounds out with Life of An Event and your Events Forecast.

Bonus: Tipsy Flerret: The Sequel

Back in September, Flame and Ferret poured out a few and hit record in anticipation that October and early November might be A BIT STRESSFUL and we all might want to listen to two seriously opinionated ladies slurring through stories.

In case we were correct? Here you go - Tipsy Flerret: The Sequel.

Got questions for us for future Tipsy Flerret eps? Send them to any of our socials and we'll make sure to keep track for the next time the urge strikes.

Bonus: Storytime with Flame

There are so many fandom events happening at all times that we thought it might be helpful to break a few down. So in here, you've got descriptions of a few of the major events, as well as our tips on running and participating in events.

You're welcome, universe.

Big thanks to SirSapling for allowing us to use his art from the PotS Server Brag Bucket Event (which you may remember us mentioning before) - this was the badge that all participants received!

Episode Seventeen: ULTS ULTS ULTS

Cover Artist: SirSapling
Twitter |This Art |Tumblr

Featuring: Flame chats with Ferret and SirSapling about their love of Ults and then Flerret plug a very famous Ults fic by Sineala, Never Too Late for Love. Community talks wraps up the episode, with Life of an Event (including a new event announcement!), an Animal Corner, and your Events Forecast before we take a two-episode hiatus to focus on MTH.