PotsCast Lexicon

#goldfish: Ferret’s memory is… brief.

Eggs: The PotS server has a potentially obsessive interest in ovi. Interested? Try this tag…

Emotional Pringles: How Flame refers to fandom and the works that just make everything feel better, but that you also cannot stop consuming.

Fandom Fetus: A teeny, wee, smol, itty, bitty bab, just blinking their eyes open into a fandom for the first time.

Flarret: Flame/Ferret’s rather unfortunate ship name.

Found Family Fluff: This is basically how Flame refers to her brand.

Fruit Fucking: When an apple and a peach love each other very much…

Grape Cult: Followers of the Mad Titan, Thanos.

Macro/Micro: When one character is made teeny tiny. Check this one out.

Soup AU: Ferret spilled soup on herself. And then sabre made it into a Stony prompt. And then anoo took it rather literally…

Tsumporn: I mean, just because they’re tiny, cute beans, doesn’t mean they don’t have sex, right?

Ults Ults Ults: How to summon Ferret.

“You’re welcome, Universe”: Ferret and Flame know you’re grateful. It’s okay to gush.