Pod on the Suit is a Steve and Tony fandom podcast, hosted by betheflame and FestiveFerret. It posts every other Sunday. Topics cover all things fandom, with a focus on our favorite superheroes, Steve Rogers and Tony Stark, and their relationship.

Every PotsCast episode is divided into segments, each with their own tags, warnings, and ratings. You can listen to the whole episode, or download individual segments to tailor your own listening experience. 

PotsCast is is an adult production, intended for those 18 years of age or older, and may will contain adult language, themes, and topics of discussion, including explicit sexual content.

We welcome a variety of viewpoints, life experiences, and preferences, but PotsCast does not tolerate ship or character bashing on any of our platforms. Please remember that the hosts, guests, and contributors are all thinking, feeling humans with opinions and life experiences of their own. While we encourage engagement with the topics we explore on our show, and welcome you to discuss opposing points of view, we absolutely will not tolerate any personal attacks against our hosts, guests, contributors (anonymous or named), or any groups within fandom, such as members of specific ship, kink, fandom, or other communities. We are all here to have a good time!

Main Segments:

Interview: Flame talks to members of the community about their creations, passions, experiences, and process.
Let’s Talk: Ferret and Flame dive into the topics you want to hear about, from fandom history, to your favourite tropes, as well as the multiverse and multishipping.
Fandom Guide: Ferret and Flame share the tools and advice you need to get the most out of your fandom experience.
Hot Topics: Ferret and Flame discuss what’s hot in stony and fandom, right now, featuring guest stars from the community and op ed pieces written by you!
Kinksploration: Ferret and Flame look at popular kinks in fandom, what makes them sexy, how to approach creating for them, and how they’re applied to Steve and Tony.
Creator Corner: Special guest stars help our hosts explore the world of fanwork creation, from writer’s block, to the best software to use for art, to how to engage with social media.
The Plug: Recs and reviews for our favourite fanworks.

Mini Segments:

Events Forecast (featuring Marie!)
The Rec List
Trope-Off and Twitter Polls
Stony Secrets
Community Talks
and more

Your PotsCast Staff:

betheflame: Host
FestiveFerret: Host
Bill Longbow: Discord Maven
RoseRose: Discord Maven
MarieShipsItAll: Events Forecaster
kocuria: Graphics Goddess