How Often Does Pod on the Suit Release?

A new episode releases every other Sunday.

How Can I Listen to Pod on the Suit?

Excellent question! You can listen here at our website – both streaming and downloadable. We’re looking into other options, but for now hang out here!

How Can I Be a Guest on Pod on the Suit?

You can fill out this form!

I Have an Idea for a Topic. Where Should I Tell You?

We also have a form for that!

Y’all Keep Talking About Ults and Eggs and I Don’t Understand.

We’re sorry! We know we speak in a bit of a common language of slang and references – comes with the territory of being part of the same communities. However! We’ve created a handy-dandy PotsCast Lexicon. Head there for definitions of our weirdo phrases.

I Want to Get More Involved in Fandom. How Do I Find Your Discord?

Head to our Contact Us page for all the ways to engage with PotsCast, Ferret, and Flame. You can also look at Participate for ways to contribute to the show.