Season 2, Episode 9: Happy Birthday, Steve!

Cover Artist: MrsMoodybear
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Featuring: Happy birthday to our favourite Capsicle!! OwlishFun joins Flame for a chat about what Steve Rogers’ pre-war life would have been like. Then Flerret talks about Steve’s character development over the arcs of his life. Lastly, you get your trope-off update!

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Interview: OwlishFun, Let’s Talk: Steve, Trope-Off Update

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Show Notes:

Thanks to Kota, Magicasen, Kiyaar, Sineala, and everyone who comments, tweets, messages.


Coming up on this episode…

Interview: OwlishFun
What were the 1930s like?, Brooklyn Living, Steve & Bucky, Slang

Let’s Talk: Steve Rogers vs. the 21st Century
The Three Steves, Perpetual Trauma, Journeys, You Can Fit So Much Hurt/Comfort In That Bad Boy

Trope-Off, Outro

Music Credit:

On My Way by Kevin MacLeod

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