Events Forecast – December 20, 2020

Marvel Events Central 

Here comes the fun! 


Round 4 of the Marvel Fluff Bingo is open for sign-ups until March 16! Go grab a card to right all the fluffy themes! 

Reminder that the Marvel Holiday Fest, a prompt fest based on holiday movie plots open to all ships and without minimum requirements is still open for fills until Jan 31! 

The sign-ups for Go Bang Yourself Bang also remain open until Dec 31, so if you’re feeling brave, go for it and create art or fic for an existing fic or art piece of yours!

The Marvellous Aces Holiday Bingo card is open for fills of any kind featuring aspec characters as well. Time to play around with the classic tropes!


It’s the last stretch to fill some Cap-IM Holiday Community Prompts! Fills are accepted until Dec 27. 500+ prompts in a variety of universes, have fun!

The Comm also announced its annual set of remix events! You can still sign-up for the Remix Exchange and the Remix Relay until tomorrow, December 21. Works will be due date by February 7 for the exchange which is nice amount of time! Remix Madness, a remix fest will also go on between January 10 and February 20. Madness has no minimum requirements and is open to all types of fanworks. If you have questions on how remixing works, have a look at the detailed post on the cap-ironman community! 


Another reminder that you can get a customized STB – Steve, Tony, Bucky Bingo card until January 31. Past that date, you will still be able to request a Generic card from Feb 1 to May 31. All combinations of Steve, Bucky and Tony are allowed so you get to play with no less than 4 ships in any medium you want and without requirements whatsoever other than responsible tagging. Have fun and join the server if you feel like chatting!

INDIVIDUAL CHARACTER EVENTS welcoming Steve and Tony ships

Another week to create some fills for A Very Darcy Advent Bingo if you ship SteveDarcy or TonyDarcy or a poly variation of these three, don’t miss out!

That’s it for this episode folks! 

This has been your events forecast, I’ll see you next episode and happy shipping!

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