Events Forecast – December 6, 2020

Marvel Events Central 


Feeling the holiday magic yet? If so, the Marvel Holiday Fest, a prompt fest based on holiday movie plots accepting of all ships and without minimum requirements is still open for fills until Jan 31! Give us some mistletoe in remote castles or fake holiday dating! 

The Go Bang Yourself Bang sign-ups remain open until Dec 31, so if you’re feeling brave, go for it and create art or fic for an existing fic or art piece of yours!

A new community bingo has also been released by the Marvellous Aces blog on tumblr. To subvert traditionally romantic tropes or tropes tending to explicit content with aspec characters, check out their Marvellous Aces Holiday Bingo card! 


Alongside its yearly holiday exchange, the Cap-IM Community is once again hosting its Cap-IM Holiday Community Prompts, open for fills till Dec 27. No minimums! There are literally hundreds of them so we are sure that you’ll find your fit, and you’re also not obligated to follow the prompts to the letter so you know, even more room for fun!

The Comm also announced its annual set of remix events! Sign-ups for the Remix Exchange and the Remix Relay will go on from December 7 to December 21 with a due date February 7 for the exchange. All reveals for the relay and exchange will be starting by February 16. Remix Madness, a remix fest will also go on starting January 10 and until February 20. Madness has no minimum requirements and is open to all types of fanworks. It is also open to all ages whereas the Relay and Exchange are 18+ events. For any questions on how remixing a work goes, please check out the detailed post on the cap-ironman community! 

And because it’s that time of year again, the Put On the Suit server is also hosting a second round of its Stony Stockings and today is the last day to sign-up to hang yours on our collective mantelpiece to get some great little gifts come February 13! If you’re not already on the server, you’ll find an invite link in our server, in the adequately named “#links-to-other-servers” channel.


The STB – Steve, Tony, Bucky Bingo is also still open for Personalized Card requests until January 31. If you miss that mark though, you will still be able to request a Generic card from Feb 1 to May 31. The round itself has opened for fills on the first of this month! Time to post all the good content folks! All combinations of Steve, Bucky and Tony are allowed so you get to play with no less than 4 ships in any medium you want and without requirements whatsoever other than responsible tagging. Enjoy! 


This is also a reminder that the Winteriron Week is back with new mods! Go check out the page and get ready to create amazing fanworks for the prompts to post from Dec 14 to Dec 20.

The Winteriron Reverse Bang Artist Sign-ups close December 10 so don’t miss out! Submissions are open until Jan 3, with Claims happening on Jan 9, and Posting scheduled to start by March 1.

INDIVIDUAL CHARACTER EVENTS welcoming Steve and Tony ships

Reminder as well that the Brucemas Week will be happening from December 14 to Dec 21 so if you ship either or both of our boys with Bruce and his green pal, have fun!

And as announced last episode, A Very Darcy Advent Bingo will be running for the entirety of December, so likewise, if you ship SteveDarcy or TonyDarcy or a poly variation of these three, go for it!

And finally, the Marvel Scramble is also back for a Holiday edition! Sign-up through their google form and throw in 2 characters and a trope and you may end up creating something for Tony or Steve or for a totally unexpected set of characters depending on what other participants throw in Santa’s hat! 

That’s it for this episode folks! 

This has been your events forecast, I’ll see you next episode and happy shipping!

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