Events Forecast – July 19th, 2020


Marvel Events Central 

On we go for all the fun there is to be had right now and in the upcoming weeks and months! 

The Marvelfans4BLM has reached its end last weekend, it is now time for bidders and creators to contact each other and for all bystanders to get their popcorn ready for all the marvellous creations that will drop from now to January 31!

The Tiny Reverse Bang submission period has ended! It is now time for writers to get their heads into the game and prepare to create fics for the gorgeous pieces that were submitted!

There remains about 3 weeks to join the illustrious war between Fluff and Angst for the  SteveTony Games! More info on the community’s dreamwidth page, their tumblr or even discord as a fair few of us are participating!

Three days left to sign-up for the new round of the MCU Kink Bingo! (Closing on July 21st). Cards will go out on August 1 and the round will go on until January 30! 

Flerret have brought us a new event! The Stuckony Summer Stockings! From July 11-25, create your stocking by writing up your likes and desires: Fluff fics, kidfics, angst, AUs, A/B/O, whatever you want, as well, and that’s important, as what you Do Not Want. Stocking stuffing will then go on from July 25th to September 25th. Creators stuffing stockings will remain anonymous until the end of the event. And for non-AO3 treats, there will be a week dedicated on the event’s tumblr!

Also going on are the sign-ups for the second round of the Ironhusbands Bingo! Cards are going out already and the round will run until January 31 so plenty of time to give our MIT boyfriends all the love!

Today is the first day of posting for the Steggy Week! It will go on till July 26, has no minimum requirements and is open to any type of fanworks the prompts inspire you.

The Stucky Bingo signups remain open until August 31! The round itself will go on until May 31st 2021 with masterposts expected June 6 2021 for a whole year of Stucky creations!

Sign-ups for the Ladies of Marvel Bingo are still going on and will be so until July 31 with cards going out on August 5!

This round of the Cap-IM bingo ends July 31! Time to get your last fanworks in, or to prepare for a new round!

The Sun and Storm in Every Blossoming: Comment Fest for Black MCU Characters on Dreamwidth, the Cap-IM comment bingo, Cap-IM kink meme and Lights on Park Avenue, as well as the StarkerFestivals’ Starker Summer Bingo are still open for participants’ sign-ups and/or contributions and the links to all these are still in our show notes of the past episodes. The Cap-IM BB discord chats are also happening on the same rotation of 2 weeks!

This has been your events forecast, I’ll see you next episode and happy shipping! 

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