Episode Eleven: Creature Fic

Cover artist: colonelrogers
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Featuring: Some serious Flerret thirst on main. We’ve got a combination of Let’s Talk, Creator Corner, The Plug, and Kinksploration for almost the whole ep, breaking it down by talking vampires, werewolves, and tentacles. Then we check in with you all before Life of an Event, a Steve Tony Games update, and your Events Forecast.

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Kinksploration: Creature Fic, Spike as a Sexual Awakening, Flame Loves WereBucky, Tentacles Take Us Now, This Episode is rated K

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Show Notes:

Thanks to colonelrogers, WilmaKins, Lunatical, ladyshadowdrake, Cat, and the Potscast staff.


Coming up on this episode…

The Appeal of Creature Fanworks, Loss of Control, Fantasy Worldbuilding, Transformative Works About Transformation

The Plug: Bite Me (please) by WilmaKins, Ferrets’ Feelings about Spike, Tony as a Vampire, Blood as Lube Because Why Not, Societal Feelings About Vampires and Our Desire to Be Immortal But We Know It Would Be Shitty So We Make Vamps Suffer All Gothicly

The Plug: (Not) A Lone Wolf by Lunatical, Flame’s Rampant Size Kink, The Best Part of Humans and Puppies Combined, Bucky as a Werewolf, Team as Shifters, A/B/O vs. Werewolves Re: Knotting/Bonding, Fandom Loves Capwolf, Ferret’s Rampant Protectiveness Kink

The Plug: Happy Lights by ladyshadowdrake, Overstimulation, The Perfect Rope Bondage, Ferret’s Rampant Sounding Kink, Motivations of Tentacle Creatures

Community Talks, Life of an Event: Stuckony Summer Stocking, Events Forecast, Steve Tony Games Update!

Music Credit:

On My Way by Kevin MacLeod
Link: https://incompetech.filmmusic.io/song/4163-on-my-way
License: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/

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  1. Hey guys, your podcast is the greatest <3 seriously I hate cooking and cleaning up my apartment but listening to you makes it so much better °^° just wanted to stop by and tell you that the link to 'bite me (please)' isn't working right, it always leads me to '(Not) a lone wolf'. Could just be a me-problem but better safe than sorry :*

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