Events Forecast – July 5th, 2020


Marvel Events Central 

The Marvelfans4BLM Browsing Week is underway and will be running till July 5, while the auction itself will take place July 6 – July 12! There are over 100 offerings for fics, digital and physical art, crafts, fanvids and even fan labor like beta services and podifccing! Check them out and signal boost the post which, as usual, you’ll be able to find in our shownotes!

The Tiny Reverse Bang submission period is still going strong until July 10, time to get your art in if you want to participate!

We’re hitting the 2-weeks-left mark for the Fanworks Like It’s 2012! Prompt Fest whose round shall end on July 13. As we mentioned before, this event does require claiming and accepts any type of fills you can make! Have fun!

The war for Fluff or Angst domination of the Stony world in the  SteveTony Games is still going strong with 161 stony works posted as part of the event at the time of preparing this forecast! It is still time to join a team (or play for both sides!) as the round will go on until August 9!

A little under 2 weeks remaining to claim and post your Marvel Undercover prompt fest prompts and fics!  open and will stay so until July 12. Posting will start on July 13.

Both the Samsteve Vacation Week and the Ironstrange Week are on-going! There are no minimum requirements for either and every media are allowed! 

On the matter of ship weeks, a Steggy Week is also coming your way! Following the same rules as the other two, the Steve and Peggy celebration will go on from July 19 to July 26!

The Stucky Bingo which Marie handed over to EachPeachPearPlum and J_Gun has opened for sign-ups for its round 2 yesterday! The round will go on until May 31st 2021 with masterposts expected June 6 2021 for a whole year of Stucky creations!

Romanogers? Pepperony? Steggy? Any other Steve or Tony het or poly ship including women? The Ladies of Marvel Bingo is back and open for sign-ups until July 31 with cards going on August 5!

Also on-going is the Sun and Storm in Every Blossoming: Comment Fest for Black MCU Characters on Dreamwidth. It functions as a prompt meme where every prompt is a comment and you can either post your fill as a reply to that comment, or on AO3 and then link it as a reply to the fills link post! As the name says, it is meant as a Black MCU characters fests, so if you ship our boys with any or all of Rhodey, Sam, T’Challa or any other of the numerous black characters in our fandom, go for it!

The Cap-IM bingo and comment bingo, Cap-IM kink meme and Lights on Park Avenue, and StarkerFestivals’ Starker Summer Bingo are still open for participants’ sign-ups and/or contributions and the links to all these are still in our show notes of the past episodes. The Cap-IM BB mods are also holding discord chats for authors so keep an eye out for the announcements of the time they’ll take place as they will vary to catch as many timezones as possible until September.

This has been your events forecast, I’ll see you next episode and happy shipping! 

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