Episode Ten: Happy Birthday, Steve!

Cover artist: hotdamnitskatelin

Featuring: A celebration of Steve from top to bottom (heyooo). We start with an interview with Bill_Longbow, then Flerret chat about the man with a plan himself, before turning the mic over to you all for some reasons you love Steve. We’ll wrap it all up with a Steve Tony Games update, your events forecast, and A NEW MINI!

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Interview: Bill_Longbow, Let’s Talk: Steve Rogers, Events Forecast, Community Talks, Life of An Event with Flerret

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Show Notes:

Thank you to Bill_Longbow, hotdamnitskatelin, and our PotsCast team


Coming up on this episode…

Interview: Bill_Longbow
Fandom Origin Story, Why We Love Steve, Smol Steve, Pre-Serum Steve is kinetic energy, Local Steve Done Dirty by MCU

Let’s Talk: Steve Rogers
Steve Rogers’ Bangs Appreciation Society, Steve as an Allegory for Adulthood, Pre-Serum, Post-Serum/Pre-Ice, Post-Serum/Post-Ice

Alex Reads Love Letters to Steve, Community Talks, Sam/Steve, Bucky/Steve, Daniel D’Sousa/Steve, Life of an Event: Stuckony Summer Stocking, Trope-Off Update, Events Forecast, Steve Tony Games Update!

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On My Way by Kevin MacLeod
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1 comments on “Episode Ten: Happy Birthday, Steve!

  1. This is always great and wonderful and awesome and listening to the pod always helps me focus when I’m drawing my fanarts…so thank you for that… BUT I CAN’T GET OVER how Alex’s voice sounds like Mary Elizabeth McGlynn’s reading love letters to Steve!! omg my two true passions!!! (Hint: search ‘Silent Hill 3 – Sun’ on youtube and listen to it. If you told me they are the same person I’d believe you)

    As usual thank you for such wonderful work!

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