Events Forecast – April 26th, 2020

Marvel Events Central 

Hi Fandom! Marie here, to tell you all about what goes on, challenge-wise in a marvel fandom near you in our event forecast! 

It is back! Stony Loves Steve, a stevetony, steve-centric exchange open to all creators will keep its sign-ups open until May 2, with posting taking place June 22 and reveals going from June 27 to July 4 for Steve’s birthday! 

The sign-ups for the Marvel Reverse Big Bang, are also open! This bang is a free-for-all, all ships welcome reverse bang, meaning artists come in first with art submissions due June 12 and writers will claim the art they would like to create for on July 3. 

The mods of the Pepperony Week launched a poll for participants to decide on their favorite tropes and prompts to appear when the week goes up! The poll is open until May 1, and the results will be posted with additional info about the event. 

Another exciting piece of news is the new blog Starker Festivals on Tumblr which will be running events at different times: their first one, a mini 3×3 community bingo will end on April 30. Keep yourself posted by following them!

And if you are more of an Ironhusbands, or SteveRhodey shipper or just adore Rhodey himself because he deserves it all the thousands, you’ll be happy to know there will be a Rhodey Appreciation Week running from May 24 to May 30. The prompts are already out on the tumblr! 

A fun event that’s a little different was just announced on The Fic Appreciation Bingo. It’s a low key, no sign-up event that basically has people fill out bingo cards for kudos and comments they leave on fics. There are currently three cards (one general and two Stucky focused) but mod Nospheratt says there are more coming of other ships. With squares like “Sam is a Good Bro” and “Under 30 comments”, there’s lots of options to get involved here. 

We announced it before and now it has arrived! The Rare Pairs Prompt Meme revealed its prompts last Sunday so if you happen to ship Steve or Tony or both together with a third or more, you may want to browse them! The round will end on July 18, there are no sign-ups or minimum requirements, just many, many rare pairs split into 365 submitted prompts!

And to finish our forecast, we thought it was important to relay the message of the Stucky Library mods as some of you may not have seen it but following the discovery of one rogue mod’s censorship, the other two mods Blue and Julia decided to move to a new blog now called “Stucky Library” and not “The Stucky Library” to maintain and preserve the sanctuary part of their mission as a fic archive. 

The Tony Stark Bingo, Cap-IM bingo, Cap-IM kink meme and Lights on Park Avenue are still open for participants’ sign-ups and/or contributions and the links to all these are still in the show notes of episode one. 

This has been your events forecast. We will see you next episode. Happy shipping!

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