Episode Five: AUs

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Featuring: Flame talks to BladeoftheNebula about AUs and the power of creating our own universes – which leads Ferret and Flame to have their own conversation about alternate universes, and they focus on three specific ones to analyze: coffee shops, space, and modern/superhero. Then Flerret get personal with an honest conversation about feedback and validation before segueing into minis about Trope-Off, animal gossip, your feedback to us, and an announcement about Tony’s birthday!

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Interview: BladeoftheNebula, Let’s Talk: AUs, Creator Corner: Feedback and Validation, Reclist: AUs, Community Talks, Animal Gossip, Events Forecast

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Show Notes:

Thank you to pineapplebreads, BladeoftheNebula, onlymorelove, and our PotSCast Team.


Coming up on this episode…

Interview: BladeoftheNebula
Interview, Fandom Origin Story, Fanvids, For the Love of AUs, Canon v. Fanon, Finding Your Joy

Let’s Talk: AUs
Why Flame Doesn’t Understand Space, Why Flerret Love Coffee Shop AUs, Why There Needs to Be More Modern/Superhero AUs, Lots of Why Questions, It’s Like We’re Toddlers, Stucky, Winteriron, Stony

Creator Corner: Feedback and Validation
Flerret: Fandom Aunties, Flame’s Social Work Corner, Everyone Could Use Therapy, Wisdom from John Candy, Your Ferrapy for the Day, Forming Healthy Relationships With Feedback, Not Avocado Aisle Appropriate, Potential Tear Warning

Reclist: AUs, Community Talks, Animal Gossip with Ferret, Tony’s Birthday Party!, Events Forecast, Thank You, Sign-off

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Link: https://incompetech.filmmusic.io/song/4163-on-my-way
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3 thoughts on “Episode Five: AUs

  1. First episode of the podcast I’ve listened to – so good! I lolled at Bladeofthenebula’s remark about walking into a cinema in 2012 and never leaving. Gonna go back and check out the other episodes now.

  2. Blade’s words are so spot on!

    Love the mention to ferret’s supposed aversion to world building (*side eyes tpp*)

    All AUs are the best thing but I will admit modern AUs always pull me in regardless of which fandom I’m in. And fake dating is a big weakness. I love historical aus as well.

    Can’t wait to eventually get around to all the fics that were recced today!!
    This fandom is so incredible and filled with endless talent

    The words about needing to love your work and find validation from yourself, SO important
    Flame thank you for mentioning Cool Runnings. A classic! The way you explained the scene made me think of Tony taking Peter’s suit (though ofc the situation was a bit different)
    ((just to let you know, I adore the you I’ve gotten to know, with or without your amazing fics))

    My first few fics were written because I felt drawn to a lot of the fics I was reading and I thought “well maybe I can do that too?” And honestly my stuff doesn’t get all that much attention. But to me that makes the comments I do get feel all the more special. I’ve gotten “bad” reviews that did hurt a little at first but I remind myself that I’m writing for ME and not anyone else. It helps that I have a couple friends who read my stuff if I ask and give their feedback. In the beginning I was a total stats person, checking numbers multiple times per day. But over the years it’s hit me how much those numbers are just numbers; they don’t equal my worth. Nowadays I rarely even look at numbers. A good thing to remember for people who rely on external validation: No matter what you write there will always be at least one person who will enjoy it, so just write whatever’s in your heart/mind without letting your doubts drag you down. <3

  3. This podcast was great! I just found it and listened to it and I’m so touched Bladeofthenebula recommended my fic 😀

    That being said in your Show Notes you misspelled my name as “LoAfanchick”, but it’s “LoZfanchick”. Small note but again the podcast was fantastic!

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