Events Forecast – April 12th, 2020

Marvel Events Central 

Hi Fandom! Marie here, to tell you all about what goes on, challenge-wise in a marvel fandom near you in our event forecast! 

The prompts of Lights on Park Avenue Round 8 came out at the beginning of the month. As per the event’s schedule, you have until April 31st until new prompts are released. This month is National Poetry month and as such Nostalgicatsea has selected 8 brilliant and heart-wrenching poems to inspire us all, go check them out! 

The Starbucks bingo, as in, Bucky and Tony bingo, is opening sign-ups today for a round starting on May 1st and going till December 31st with masterposts due on January 7th.

The Hell Yeah Bottom Bucky blog on Tumblr and Slack launched a community bingo card with classic tropes and Bucky specials for everyone to participate!

The organizer of the Stucky Remix event are looking to set up an all marvel ship remix event and are running an interest survey to gauge potential participation! Go fill it up if that sounds like your jam and if you don’t know what a remix entails, the mod’s made sure to include a definition for you in their post. 

As a reminder, prompting for the rare pairs prompt meme is still open and will say until next Saturday. Marie’s put together a list of the ships that have been submitted so far so you guys can peruse and give love to ships you want to appear in there. Go prompt to your heart’s content! 

And if you like multi-fandom exchanges, flash exchanges and other lowkey prompt fests running year-round, be sure to check out the Fandom Calendar page on Dreamwidth! 

In a slightly different announcement, we wanted to make sure everyone knew about the incredible SteveTony Coloring Book Project that was released this week. Full of art from all sorts of fanartists, it’s been great to see people sharing their finished colored works on tumblr and twitter. The link to download it is in the shownotes of this episode, and a huge thank you on behalf of fandom to colonelrohjaz for coordinating this project. 

As a reminder, the following events accept sign-ups or fills for the entire duration of their rounds, or close to: the MCU Kink Bingo, the Cap-Ironman Bingo and Comment Bingo, the Cap-Ironman Kink Meme, the Stucky Blind Date and the Tony Stark Bingo. All relevant info can be found on their respective blogs, which you’ll find linked in the show notes of our first episode.

This has been your events forecast. We will see you next episode. Happy shipping!

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