Episode Four: Podfics

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Featuring: Flame talks to Alex of Fannish Podcast, Flame and Ferret discuss finding joy and protecting it, and we dive into our first segment on mechanics in Creator Corner, looking at Point of View. In minis, we tell you about our podfic reclist, hear from the community, Prof Flame gives a lecture on Sherlock Holmes and the origins of fandom, and you get your events forecast.

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Interview: Alex Jameson, Let’s Talk: Finding Joy, Creator Corner: Point of View, Reclist: Podfics, Community Talks, Prof Flame’s History Corner, Events Forecast.

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Show Notes:

Thank you to dchanimation, Alex Jameson, onlymorelove, and our PotSCast Team.


Coming up on this episode…

Interview: Alex Jameson (Fannish Podcast)
Interview, Podfics, Stucky, Steve/Thor, Joy, Podcasts, Fandom Origin Story, Twilight, Thor is Hard Okay?

Let’s Talk: Finding Joy
Pursuing Joy, Your Joy Is Not My Joy (And That’s Okay), First Do No Harm, Then Do You, Curating Your Fandom Experience, It’s Supposed To Be Fun!

Creator Corner: Point of View
Ferret the Grammar Mustelid, Presciptivism vs. Descriptivism, Grammatical POV, Rhetorical POV, Narrative Voice, Story Structure, Head Hopping

Reclist: Podfics, Community Talks, Prof Flame’s History Corner: Sherlock Holmes, Events Forecast, Thank You, Sign-off

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1 comments on “Episode Four: Podfics

  1. Hi, another excellent podcast episode. I enjoyed listening to all of these, so more power to you girls!

    A few comments:

    1.) I think, the reason why first person POV is so frowned upon in fanfiction is because, as a reader, I read fics for fanservice content/ wish fulfillment/ or maybe fantasy role-playing. And the reason why I gravitate towards 3rd person narrative is because you wanted your internal camera (or brain camera… Does that make sense?) when reading the fic to focus on the two main characters interacting.

    For example: “Steve hugs Tony” v.s. “I hug Tony.”

    First sentence provides an ample distance to see both characters, as opposed to the second one, which provides a very big close-up that we don’t see Steve, we only see Tony because we already assumed we are in Steve’s position.

    2.) 2nd person POV is extremely rare, but when used correctly, it can give off maximum emotional effect.
    One example is the author: for_the_love_of_Tony (https://archiveofourown.org/users/for_the_love_of_tony/pseuds/for_the_love_of_tony) some of the author’s angsty STONY fics are written in second person and I’m left an emotional wreck afterwards.

    3) Also there are lots of confusion/chaos in regards of head hopping. I try to avoid it, but sometimes it takes a lot of practice. I’m currently writing a fic now, and it has been a challenge. But if there’s anything I appreciated from the oast episode, is that more cakes is always better.

    4) participating in fandom is always a good experience and I am hoping to contribute more.

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