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Episode Sixteen: Secret Identities

Cover Artist: phoenixmetaphor
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Featuring: Flame chats with pear about Stony Secret Games and then Flerret talk about online identities, fandom personas, and the navigation thereof. They wrap up with some thoughts from you all on fandom offline secrecy, update y’all on Stuckony Summer Stockings, and offer the events forecast as always. …

Episode Fifteen: Marvel Trumps Hate

Featuring: The story of Marvel Trumps Hate with nostalgicatsea (via Alex Jameson), a whole lot of fandom drama history with Flerret, and then a check-in on Stuckony Summer Stockings. Deceptively short summary; this one’s pretty long, friends. Sorry/not sorry.

Show Notes:

Thanks to armellin, nostalgicatsea, Alex Jameson, and the PotsCast staff.

Episode Fourteen: Cartoons

The wonderful world of Marvel cartoons! Flame chats with Neverever about Stony content as well as the larger narratives of the various cartoon series, and then Flerret chat about Quit While You’re Ahead by magicasen in The Plug. Prof Flame’s got a soapbox about the patriarchy and age in fandom, the Grammar Mustelid is back for a chat about semi-colons, and then a Steve Tony Games update before we get into your Events Forecast.

Show Notes:

Thanks to tifftac, Neverever, magicasen, and the PotsCast staff.

Episode Thirteen: Fanwork Archiving

Cover artist: the-casual-cheesecake
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Featuring: Lots of nerdery! Flame chats with S about the “finding” empire of findingstony, findingwinteriron, and findingstuckony, before Flerret chat about the history and mechanics of archiving. Then everyone’s favorite Grammar Mustelid is back with explanations of clauses, we hear about the Trope-Off final (!!), check in on Stuckony Summer Stockings, and get your events forecast.

Show Notes:

Thanks to the-casual-cheesecake, S, and the PotsCast staff.

Episode Twelve: Teamwork!

Cover artist: baneme
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Featuring: Lots of conversations! Flame chats with tisfan and 27dragons and then ashes0909 and FestiveFerret about how they collab and work together. Then Flerret themselves talk about the process of creating the pod, before we head into minis. We hear from you on some kinks you thought you were out on but gave a shot to, before a Trope-Off Update, some Grammar Mustelid time, and your events forecast.

Show Notes:

Thanks to baneme, tisfan, 27dragons, ashes0909, and the PotsCast staff.

Episode Eleven: Creature Fic

Featuring: Some serious Flerret thirst on main. We’ve got a combination of Let’s Talk, Creator Corner, The Plug, and Kinksploration for almost the whole ep, breaking it down by talking vampires, werewolves, and tentacles. Then we check in with you all before Life of an Event, a Steve Tony Games update, and your Events Forecast.

Show Notes:

Thanks to colonelrogers, WilmaKins, Lunatical, ladyshadowdrake, Cat, and the Potscast staff.

Episode Ten: Happy Birthday, Steve!

Featuring: A celebration of Steve from top to bottom (heyooo). We start with an interview with Bill_Longbow, then Flerret chat about the man with a plan himself, before turning the mic over to you all for some reasons you love Steve. We’ll wrap it all up with a Steve Tony Games update, your events forecast, and A NEW MINI!

Show Notes:

Thank you to Bill_Longbowhotdamnitskatelin, and our PotsCast team

Episode Nine: KidFic

Featuring: A whole lotta Flerret this episode – talking all about the mechanics of and their love of kidfic. Scifigirl47’s famous Tales of the Bots ‘verse serves as The Plug segment before we move onto Animal Corner, Professor Flame’s History Corner, and the Events Forecast, as well as a special update on the Steve Tony Games.

Show Notes:

Thank you to kelslk, scifigirl47, cat, ironlawyer, and our PotsCast team

Episode Eight: Representation in Fandom

Featuring: Not a lot of Flerret, actually, and a whole lot of other voices in fandom. We’ll be hearing from TehRoseRose on Jewish representation, from Simi about her process and headcanons around desi Tony, from pendragon about demisexuality, and from avengersandco about neurodiversity. Then we’ll wrap it up with some Community Talks about how you’re celebrating Pride, an update on Trope-Off, and your Events Forecast.

Show Notes:

Thank you to beir, tehroserose, Penndragon27, avengersandco, atheltiger, and our PotsCast team

Episode Seven: Happy Birthday, Tony!

Featuring: Flame talks to Robin_tCJ about lingerie, Steve and Tony, and who wears panties the best. (Spoiler: the answer is both.) Then the party begins with some love letters from y’all to the man himself, before Flerret take the mic to talk about unreliable narration. We close in the usual way – with Community Talks and your Events Forecast.

Show Notes:

Thank you to teammomtony, Robin_tCJ, and our PotsCast team