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Episode Twenty-Four: The Nature of Romance

Cover Artist: Nakurumok
This Art| Tumblr

Featuring: A full celebration of love in all it’s forms! Flame chats with our resident librarian, MrsMoodyBear, before Flerret chat about romance in fic, and expectations vs. reality in smut. We round it out with some valentines from you all, a trope-off update, and your events forecast.

Show Notes:

Thanks to nakurumok, MrsMoodyBear, Only, Marie, and everyone who sent in fandom valentines!

Episode Twenty-Three: Age in Fandom

Featuring: A lot of talk about a topic we've danced around before - age in fandom. With special guests athletiger and Ferret's Mom, we delve into how people experience this world at different age points. Then we hear from you on the same topic, before your trope-off update and events forecast.

Episode Twenty-Two: Shipping

Cover Artist: Sagana Rojana Olt
This Art | Tumblr

Featuring: A whole lot of talking about ships! Flerret set the stage with some meta conversations about shipping, before Flame chats to Nikki and Seph about how they ship. Flerret covers ship shaming briefly before the usual round of minis finishes off the episode.

Show Notes:

Thanks to Sagana, only, Marie, Nikki, Seph, and everyone who responded to the poll!

Episode Twenty-One: Tropes

Cover Artist: leehanji
This Art | Tumblr | Twitter

Featuring: A Flerret only episode! We chat tropes, expectations vs. surprise, and the importance of the back button before an exciting announcement and your events forecast!

Show Notes:

Thanks to leehanji, only, Marie, and everyone who chatted about goals with us.

Episode Twenty: Goal Setting

Cover Artist: noririna
This Art| Tumblr | Instagram | Twitter

Featuring: Flame chats with Holly about writing groups, and then Flerret chat about how they view resolutions and new years before they offer some tips and tricks for achieving writing/creating goals. Then we hear from you in Community Talks, get a visit from the Grammar Mustelid, and enjoy your events forecast.

Thanks to noririna, Holly, only, Marie, and everyone who wrote in to contribute. The Grammar Mustelid full script is at the end of this post – please scroll!

Episode Nineteen: Holidays

Cover Artist: Blushnik
Patreon |Twitter | Instagram | Tumblr

Featuring: A Flerret only episode! Professor Flame talks the sociology of fandom and Christmas, and then the Flerret talk about the process of creating mood in fics. We hear about traditions from you all before checking in on Life of an Event and your Events Forecast. …

Episode Eighteen: Thankfulness

Featuring: Flame chats with acts_of_tekla, an OTW volunteer on the Open Doors project, about her work and the work of the OTW in general. Then Flerret get philosophical as they chat about fandom and thankfulness before they turn the mic over to y’all to hear your thoughts on the topic. The ep rounds out with Life of An Event and your Events Forecast. …

Episode Seventeen: ULTS ULTS ULTS

Flame chats with Ferret and SirSapling about their love of Ults and then Flerret plug a very famous Ults fic by Sineala, Never Too Late for Love. Community talks wraps up the episode, with Life of an Event (including a new event announcement!), an Animal Corner, and your Events Forecast before we take a two-episode hiatus to focus on MTH. …

Episode Sixteen: Secret Identities

Cover Artist: phoenixmetaphor
Ao3 |Twitter |This Art |Tumblr

Featuring: Flame chats with pear about Stony Secret Games and then Flerret talk about online identities, fandom personas, and the navigation thereof. They wrap up with some thoughts from you all on fandom offline secrecy, update y’all on Stuckony Summer Stockings, and offer the events forecast as always. …

Episode Fifteen: Marvel Trumps Hate

Featuring: The story of Marvel Trumps Hate with nostalgicatsea (via Alex Jameson), a whole lot of fandom drama history with Flerret, and then a check-in on Stuckony Summer Stockings. Deceptively short summary; this one’s pretty long, friends. Sorry/not sorry.

Show Notes:

Thanks to armellin, nostalgicatsea, Alex Jameson, and the PotsCast staff.