Season 2, Episode 5: Canon

Cover Artist: cryo-bucky
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Featuring: A wide ranging conversation about canon: divergence, AUs, compliance. First Flame chats with Dora about Natasha feels, before Flerret have a go at talking about the wide range of ways to interact with canon in fandom. Then we hear from you on that mess, before a few minis to round it out.

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Interview: Dora, Creator Corner: Canon Divergence vs. Canon Compliant, Community Talks, Life of An Event, Trope-Off, Events Forecast

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Show Notes:

Thanks to cryo-bucky, Dora, Marie, Only, and everyone who comments, tweets, messages.


Coming up on this episode…

Interview: Dora
Romangers, Avengers: Endgame, Endgame feels, Natasha is Basically the Best

Let’s Talk: Canon Divergent vs. Canon Compliant
Hand Wavey Canon Fics, Who Doesn’t Want 2012 Tower Fics?, What is Compliant, Flame Cares More About Restaurants than Canon, Ferret Likes Puzzles

Community Talks, Trope-Off, Life of an Event Special Edition: Server Party, Events Forecast

Music Credit:

On My Way by Kevin MacLeod

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