Events Forecast – April 25, 2021

Marvel Events Central 


The Marvel Bang is back for another round. Open to all ships and with a minimum wordcount of 10000w, the bang is open for sign-ups until July 1 for authors, with claims starting on September 25 and posting set from November 14 to December 17. 

The mods of the What 2 Finish auction have announced a mini-auction round to support Asian communities in light of recent events. Sign-ups will open on June 15 and the rest of the schedule as well as guidelines and other info can be found on their blog. 

The sign-ups for the Star Spangled Big Bang are open to artists until June 4 with claims happening on June 11! Don’t miss out!


StonyLovesSteve is back! Centering around Steve in a positive way, this exchange allows for a variety of mediums and is open for sign-ups until May 1 with posting set for June 22. Come join!



A Steve Bingo has appeared and sign-ups are open until May 16! Go grab a card!

A Stucky Week has been announced well in advance as it will run from July 5 to July 11, but the prompts are already available on their blog so go check them out as well as their rules so you can prep beforehand! 


Now that the 4th round of the Tony Stark Bingo is over, it’s time for another series of flash bingos! Starting with the first set of mini-bingo cards which will be released on May 1! The bingo mods are also hosting a server party for Tony’s birthday on May 19 so if you’re not already there, grab an invite, and if you are, don’t forget to join!

The Ironstrange Big Bang is back and artists can still join until May 17. Claims will happen from June 28 to July 12 and posting is set to start on November 12! 

The Ironhusbands Bingo is back and you can sign-up for a personalized card until May 1!

Also open till May 1 is the Ironhusbands Big Bang! The bang allows for both a Mini and Big bang options, one for 5k and one for 15k and upwards of course. Claims will take place on June 19th with posting spanning the month of September!


Claims for the Sam Wilson Fest are opened and will stay that way until April 23! Posting will happen between April 24 and May 2. There are no minimums, and all mediums are allowed. Don’t miss out!

Sign-ups and fills for the following are also still on-going: Marvel Reverse Bang, Cap-IM Bingo, as well as the Lights on Park Avenue monthly prompts

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