Season 2, Episode 3: Soulmates

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Featuring: A Flerret Only episode! First we’re chatting soulmates, and then – believe it or not – we’re discussing world building. Ferret didn’t even twitch. Then we hear from you on soulmates, get a trope-off update, and your events forecast!

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Let’s Talk: Soulmates, Creator Corner: World Building, Community Talks, Trope-Off, Events Forecast

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Show Notes:

Thanks to b, Marie, Only, and everyone who comments, tweets, messages.


Coming up on this episode…

Let’s Talk: Soulmates
Words on Skin, Symbols on Skin, Flerret Feelings on Soulmates in Offline Life, Flame’s Inability to Loose Herself in Fiction, Ferret’s Emotional Hoovering of Good Fics

Creator Corner: World Building
No Train Talk, Flame Loves Details, Ferret Hates Naming Things, How to Avoid Infodumps, As You Know, Bob, Practice Makes…

Community Talks, Trope-Off, Events Forecast

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On My Way by Kevin MacLeod

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