Season 2, Episode 2: Winteriron

Cover Artist: Monobuu
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Featuring: A briefer episode, for which we’re sure you are all grateful. We’re talking Tony and Bucky – first Flame does so with Riot and Stella, and then Flerret chat about the boys. Then it’s hearing from you, a Trope-Off update, and your events forecast!

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Interview: RiotFalling & Stella, Flerret Talks WinterIron, Trope-Off, Events Forecast, Community Talks

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Show Notes:

Thanks to monobuu, Stella, Riot, Marie, Only, and everyone who comments, tweets, messages.


Coming up on this episode…

Interview: RiotFalling & Stella
Writing Soft Broken Boys, Arm Kink, AUs and Canon

Let’s Talk: Winteriron
Why Are You Here (ie: Flame Needs to Work on Her Tone), Parallel Traumas, Quiet Together, Moar Cake from FATWS, Sam/Steve, WinterFalcon, Bucky Loves Tolkien – It’s Canon Now!

Community Talks, Trope-Off, Events Forecast

Music Credit:

On My Way by Kevin MacLeod

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