Events Forecast – March 15, 2021

Marvel Events Central 


Reminder that the Marvel Reverse Bang is back! But different! With its new 6-phases formula, the mods aim at finding you a partner no matter how rare your ship by dividing the many parts of our fandom into their own phase, and therefore their own bang within the bang! For more information and detailed rules and dates on each phase, please visit the blog!

The sign-ups for the Star Spangled Big Bang are open to authors until April 2, for artists until June 4 with claims happening on June 11! Centering around “Team Cap” characters, this bang welcomes any fic, shippy or gen, that focuses on at least one of the characters comprised in the team cap handle. The minimum wordcount is 10k and posting is set for September. Do you have it in you?


Also still at the forefront of our minds is the new Cap-IM fest, the Universe Medley Fest. Taking the form of a prompt fest with each month dedicated to a different universe, as well as a remix challenge and the opportunity to run your own mini-challenge centered around the universe of the month, this fest aims to give us more stevetony content across the multiverse. It will start on March 15. Check out the detailed rules masterpost at the comm!



The Shrunkyclunks Big Bang is also still open for artist sign-ups until April 17 while the Loki Rare Pair Bang, a mixed bang with claims of both fic and art, is still accepts both kinds of sign-up until April 1! Rare Loki shippers this one’s for you! Check out the blog for the full schedule and rules!


The Steggy Bingo Bash is open for late sign-ups until March 30th, so if you missed your chance to grab a card the first time, this is for you!


An Irondad remix event has opened sign-ups! They will stay open until March 31 and posting will start June 7 so plenty of time to create something great! Minimum wordcount is 1000 words. Feeling like remixing some irondad and spiderson content? Check out the blog for more rules and the complete schedule. 

The Ironstrange Big Bang is back! With a minimum of 12000 words for writers and 2 illustrations for artists, the bang will open sign-ups to writers from March 14 to April 11, to artists from May 17 to 14 and claims will happen from June 28 to July 12 and posting is set to start on November 12! At your keyboards and brushes people! 


You can still claim a prompt in the Black Character Matter Prompt Fest until April 2! With a minimum requirement of 500 words for fic and also welcoming a wide variety of mediums and they also have a discord server you can join to chat about your fills and all black marvel characters!

Claims for the Sam Wilson Fest are opened and will stay that way until April 23! Posting will happen between April 24 and May 2. There are no minimums, and all mediums are allowed. Don’t miss out!

The mods of HellYeahBottomBucky are holding a special week for Bucky’s birthday that will end on March 19 so there’s still time for you to post something, anything you want, to celebrate him!

Do you ship Steve or Tony with Sharon Carter? Because the the Sharon Carter Week is back! From March 19 to March 25, create for any of the prompts provided in any medium you’d like to celebrate Sharon!

Sign-ups and fills for the following are also still on-going: Cap-IM Bingo, Marvel Fluff Bingo, Marvel Holiday Fest, Cap-IM Comm Remix Events and bingo, STB – Steve, Tony, Bucky Bingo, as well as the Lights on Park Avenue monthly prompts

That’s it for this episode folks! 

This has been your events forecast, I’ll see you next episode and happy shipping!

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