Season 2, Episode One: Fame in Fandom

Cover Artist: Amanda | Starswept
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Featuring: Some long conversations on fandom between Flame and Pineapplebread and then between Flerret & sabrecmc. Pineapplebread talks about her Tattoo AU (among other things), and then Flerretcmc (ship name in progress) chat about what BNF really means and the positives and negatives of fandom fame. We finish with a trope-off update and your event forecast.

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Interview: Pineapplebread, Let’s Talk: Being Known in Fandom, Trope-Off, Events Forecast

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Show Notes:

Thanks to amanda, Pineapplebread, sabrecmc, Only, Marie, and everyone told us they wanted this episode.


Coming up on this episode…

Interview: Pineapplebread
Tattoo AU, Fandom Art, We Miss In-Person Fandoming, Being a Brand

Let’s Talk: Being Known in Fandom
Do BNFs have obligations to leadership?, Do we ever reach the point where comments don’t matter?, Should BNFdom be a goal?, The Oddities of Popularity in a Thing that Exists Basically Online, Cruelty Always Hurts, The Joys of Engagement

Trope-Off, Events Forecast

Music Credit:

On My Way by Kevin MacLeod

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  1. First time listening to the pod and it was so much fun!! Thank you all for making such a lovely thing <3

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