Events Forecast – January 31, 2021

Marvel Events Central 


It’s charity time again peeps! The sign-ups for Fandom Trumps Hate are open to all and and will stay so until February 2, which is Tuesday so hop hop, don’t miss out if you want to make offers, and keep an eye out for previews, bidders!


The Cap-IM Community’s Reverse Bang is open for art submissions for another 2 weeks (February 10 is the official cut-off!).



The Shrunkyclunks Big Bang is open for author sign-ups until February 27 (April 17 for artists wanting to claim) and the mods have been posting story prompts on their blog so if you’d like to participate but are in need of inspiration take a look, and either way, don’t forget to sign-up! 

The Loki Rare Pair Bang, a mixed bang with claims of both fic and art, is open for sign-ups until April 1! Open to any Loki ships other than Frostiron (Loki/Tony) or Thorki (Thor/Loki), this is the perfect occasion to create for Frostshield (Steve/Loki) to your heart’s content! The minimum wordcount for fics is set at 5k and 1 art piece for artists. Check out the blog for the full schedule and rules!


The StarkerFestivals mods on tumblr will also be running two events during February! Both based around prompts that are already available on their blogs, one will take place during the week of Valentine’s day, while the other will span the entire month. 

So we have the Valentine’s Day Chocolate Box event with 7 prompts, one for each day of Valentine’s week, focusing on love and fluff. And the Darker Starker Festivals, with 4 prompts per week of February, this time catering to the darker themes the ship can fit! 

Neither events has anything in the way of minimum requirements, but Darkwr Starker is strictly 18+ due to the nature of the prompts. Check out the blog for the prompts and have fun!


A Star Spangled Big Bang has been announced! With a minimum of 10k, the bang welcomes any story, shippy or gen, focusing on at least one character pertaining to Team Cap (Steve, Bucky, Sam, Nat, Clint, Scott, Wanda or Sharon). Ships between these characters and others, like Tony *winkwink* are allowed! Sign-ups will open on March 5. Take a look at their blog for the full rules, guidelines and schedule. 

A Black Character Matter Prompt Fest will also be happening from Feb 1 to April 11, with a minimum requirement of 500 words for fic and also welcoming a wide variety of mediums! All ships, themes and/or kinks are allowed as long as they focus on at least one black marvel character. And they also have a discord server you can join!

Sign-ups and fills for the following are also still on-going: Marvel Fluff Bingo, Marvel Holiday Fest, Cap-IM Comm Remix Events and bingo, STB – Steve, Tony, Bucky Bingo, as well as the Lights on Park Avenue monthly prompts

That’s it for this episode folks! 

This has been your events forecast, I’ll see you next episode and happy shipping!

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