Events Forecast – August 30, 2020

Here comes the fun of our pre-back to school and work forecast!

It’s almost that time again! The creator sign-ups for Marvel Trumps Hate will open on Sunday, September 13, 12 AM ET (Eastern Time). If that’s you, know that you can offer works such as fics, art, edits, videos, beta services, crafts, and more for any character, ship, or universe in the Marvel multiverse! Sign-ups will run until Saturday, September 26, 11:59 PM ET. The preview week will then go on from October 11 to October 17, during which potential bidders can peruse all the auctions and start building their list of fanworks to bid on. And then, Auction Week will happen from October 18 to October 24. As you get ready, you might want to look into the events’ thorough FAQ page and reach out to the mods if you have any remaining questions!

You have a little under a week to September 5 to submit works to the Tiny Reverse Bang Amnesty week! During this week, you may post any remaining works you started at any point and for any prompt of this year’s TRB! Show us the nice things you made before it’s time for the final masterpost of this year’s TRB!

The September Tony Stark Flash Bingo cards have been released! Go grab one of the nine and give us more of that sweet Tony content! As for the August round, each card has a series of 5 prompts on them and you are welcome to slide an adopted prompt at either end of them too. And as per Tony Stark Bingo tradition, don’t forget to claim your shiny badges for each of your achievements in the flash rounds!

The MARVELously Knotty Bang sign-ups have opened!! They will go on until October 10 for writers and November 14 for artists. Ready for some heat fic? Arranged bonding fic? Bonding marks art? We certainly are!

Stocking stuffing is still on-going for Flerret’s Stuckony Summer Stockings! You have until September 25th to drop gifts in people’s stockings, and the guidelines are very simple: try to keep to a maximum of 1000 words for fics, or matching effort level for other media so the love gets spread as much as possible! For any additional questions you may have, have a look at Flerret’s Guide To Filling A Stocking on tumblr!

Sign-ups for the Stucky Bingo close tomorrow, August 31. The round itself will go on until May 31st 2021 with masterposts expected June 6 2021, don’t miss out!

Are you a Romanogers or Ironwidow shipper? If yes, you’ll be interested to know the Black Widow bingo is back and open for signups until September 15! Run and get yourself a card friends! The round will go on till August 15 of next year so plenty of time to create. 

Reminder than Soultember is back for another round all your Darcy soulmate shipping needs in September! Go check out the prompt of this themed month on their blog! 

Also happening in September is the fabulous Samtember prompt event for all your Samsteve and Ironfalcon needs, or allcaps, or barbershop quarter or whatever other combination of Sam and our boys you like! 

Oh and, in case you weren’t aware that time passes quicker than lightning these days, the first holiday exchange of the season has been announced! The Star Spangled Secret Santa is a gift exchange focusing on Cap characters but allowing all ships within that frame and its signups run from today, August 30 to September 13! Take a look at the rules and requirements! 

The Sun and Storm in Every Blossoming: Comment Fest for Black MCU Characters on Dreamwidth, the Cap-IM bingo and comment bingo, Cap-IM kink meme and Lights on Park Avenue, as well as the StarkerFestivals’ Starker Summer Bingo are still open for participants’ sign-ups and/or contributions and the links to all these are still in our show notes of the past episodes. The Cap-IM BB discord chats are also happening on the same rotation of 2 weeks!

This has been your events forecast, I’ll see you next episode and happy shipping! 

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