Events Forecast – August 2, 2020

Marvel Events Central 

On we go for all the fun there is to be had right now and in the upcoming weeks and months! 

The Tiny Reverse Bang is on-going! A new round starts every week for six weeks, in which the mods will be posting 2 of their art submissions for writers, podficcers and vidders to take as inspiration and work their magic! Finally the round will close with an Amnesty Week from August 29 to September 5, during which creators will be invited to post all remaining works they started for one of the art prompts bit couldn’t finish on time for their corresponding round. The art is delightful and this event is really low-stress so have fun!

We have reached the last stretch! The  SteveTony Games have exactly a week to go before a winning team will be snatch the laurels and call themselves the ruling bunnies or weasels! More info can be found on the community’s dreamwidth page, their tumblr or even discord on their server and for all who are not necessarily creators but still wish to contribute to their chosen team, the mods have launched another way you can earn point: a comment bingo! One point will be awarded per comment on a work created by your team of choice and 25 bonus points as well if they make a bingo on the board!

Round 1 of the Cap-IM bingo has ended! It’s now that time of year again where you go back to the comm and ask for more! Round 2, will as usual, go on till January 31.

On-going until August 30, with another round set to run from September 1 to 30, is the Tony Stark Flash Bingo! For both months the mods will be releasing a series of 9 cards containing five prompts each. You can choose to fill any square on the board of your choice but are asked to please complete a board before you pick another one. Additional info and schedule as well as minimum requirements (lowered from those of the main bingo) can be found on the blog. Spoiler alert: there’s badges for the flash bingo too!!

Mods Kait and Huntress have announced the launch of their Stony Week 2020 with prompts already out on their tumblr blog and the actual week set to occur between August 23 and August 29! There are no minimum requirements and all media is accepted. Have fun preparing!

Stocking stuffing is now open for Flerret’s Stuckony Summer Stockings! It will go on until September 25th and creators are invited to keep around a maximum of 1000 words or matching effort level for other media so as to spread the love between all 43 of the stockings. Creators will remain anonymous until the end of the event, so plot and write and create in secret, friends! To know all about how to fill a stocking once you’ve created for it, please check out Flerret’s Guide To Filling A Stocking on tumblr!

A month remains to snatch up a card for the Stucky Bingo as well as signups will only close on August 31. The round itself will goes on until May 31st 2021 with masterposts expected June 6 2021, don’t miss out!

Also incoming is the Sinful Spider Week if you happen to be a Starker shipper, or a spidey shipper shipping Peter with either or all of the following: Tony, Bucky, Steve, Deadpool, Quentin Beck, Thor or Loki and certainly a plethora of other characters as long as your ship is in keeping with the spirit of the event, aka problematic 😉 The week will happen between August 23 and 29 and the prompts can be found on their blog!

Another exciting news we’ve seen is the announcement and launch of an Omegaverse big bang called the MARVELously Knotty Bang! Sign-ups will occur between August 22 and October 10 for writers and November 14 for artists, with claims happening on December 11 and posting over the months of March and April. Have fun plotting!

And one last tentative announcement from Marie, who will be trying to finalize a new version of the Marvel Events Central Spreadsheet for a more organic and easy browsing experience and should post it soon! 

The Sun and Storm in Every Blossoming: Comment Fest for Black MCU Characters on Dreamwidth, the Cap-IM comment bingo, Cap-IM kink meme and Lights on Park Avenue, as well as the StarkerFestivals’ Starker Summer Bingo are still open for participants’ sign-ups and/or contributions and the links to all these are still in our show notes of the past episodes. The Cap-IM BB discord chats are also happening on the same rotation of 2 weeks!

This has been your events forecast, I’ll see you next episode and happy shipping! 

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