Events Forecast – June 21, 2020

Marvel Events Central 

Hi Fandom! Marie here, to tell you all about what goes on, challenge-wise in a marvel fandom near you in our event forecast! 

A little note before I start with the current events: you’ll be able to find everything I mention in this forecast linked and explained in the show notes of each episode over on

Alright, so now for the numerous fun events that are happening!

We talked about the various initiatives springing up to try and raise money for Black Lives Matter last time. Creators sign-ups have arrived! Marvelfans4BLM sign-ups will run until June 28 with browsing week opening on June 29 and running till July 5, and finally the auction itself will take place July 6 – July 12! Another initiative happening is the panfandom BLM Equality Auction which runs on Dreamwidth! Offers have been posted and can be browsed and bid on until June 26.

The Tiny Reverse Bang is underway! Its submission period just started and will go on until July 10 and while the round itself is set to last until September for Big Bang season. Steve/Tony artists, show us your talent, we want to love it!

The Fanworks Like It’s 2012! Prompt Fest just hit the one-month-left mark this week! If you long for simpler times and Tower fics, this is the event for you. All universes are welcome and a few are already represented in the prompts but prompting also stays open until the end of the fest on July 13 so you could always add to them! There is no claiming required and no minimums or restrictions on the type of fills you can make! Have fun!

You being a fluff bunny, an angst weasel or a flangst hybrid does not change the fact that the SteveTony Games have been on-going for a week and they are going strong with 96 stony works already posted at the time of preparing this forecast! For those unfamiliar with the games, it takes the form of a bingo card with prompts both traditionally fluffy or angsty and both teams battle through their fills to get the most points! Check out the rules for more info, or join the discord server to ask any and all questions! Your hosts are on opposite teams of this, for some added Flerret Civil War fun!

Claiming for the Marvel Undercover prompt fest is open and will stay so until July 12. Posting will start on July 13. As a reminder, this year’s theme is music so take a look at the prompts, listen to some of the songs and maybe it will spark  something!

Artists sign-ups for the Ironhusbands Big Bang are only open until tomorrow, June 22! So if the M.I.T. husbands are your jam, give it a go! Claims willbhappen on July 3 and posting period shall start July 31. 

Sam and Steve are now packing their bags and checking for any missed sunscreen tube for their Sam/Steve Vacation Week which will start in a week on June 28 – July 4. The mods are posting some prompts on the DW comm for inspiration! 

At the same time, Tony and Stephen will have their own down time with the Ironstrange Week which will go on from June 28 to July 11 (including one week of amnesty to give people more time get their works in). There are no minimum requirements either and every media are allowed. 

On the matter of ship weeks, the Sinful Spider Week announced its schedule, rules and prompts so if you ship Tony or Steve with Peter, give their blog a look! It will run from August 23 to 29 so you’ll have plenty of time to prepare!

Also on the charity front, Marvel Trumps Hate is looking for mods to help for their next edition! For both the event’s running and for their event server. Both those positions would require you be available throughout the week from the start September to the start of November. If you’re interested in helping for this staple of our fandom, follow the link in our shownotes for more info and contact links!

The Cap-IM bingo and comment bingo, Cap-IM kink meme and Lights on Park Avenue, and StarkerFestivals’ Starker Summer Bingo are still open for participants’ sign-ups and/or contributions and the links to all these are still in our show notes of the past episodes. The Cap-IM BB mods are also holding discord chats for authors so keep an eye out for the announcements of the time they’ll take place as they will vary to catch as many timezones as possible until September.

This has been your events forecast, I’ll see you next episode and happy shipping! 

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