Episode Nine: KidFic

Cover artist: kelslk
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Featuring: A whole lotta Flerret this episode – talking all about the mechanics of and their love of kidfic. Scifigirl47’s famous Tales of the Bots ‘verse serves as The Plug segment before we move onto Animal Corner, Professor Flame’s History Corner, and the Events Forecast, as well as a special update on the Steve Tony Games.

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Creator Corner: Kidfic, The Plug: Tales of the Bots, Animal Corner, Professor Flame’s History Corner, Events Forecast, Community Talks

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Show Notes:

Thank you to kelslk, scifigirl47, cat, ironlawyer, and our PotsCast team


Coming up on this episode…

Creator Corner: Kidfic
How Kids Talk, How Kids Think and Act, That Parent Life, Semi-Sentient Bags of Flour

The Plug: Tales of the Bots by scifigrl47
The Web of Relationships, Bots vs Babies, Tony as a Dad, Steve as a Dad, Team as Family, And Fics So Good We Want to Eat Them

Animal Corner, Reclist, Community Talks (Summarized), Prof Flame’s History Corner, Event’s Forecast, Steve Tony Games Recap

Music Credit:

On My Way by Kevin MacLeod
Link: https://incompetech.filmmusic.io/song/4163-on-my-way
License: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/

1 comments on “Episode Nine: KidFic

  1. I love this episode so much! I learned lots from this episode and will try to keep them in mind. Also the segment with pets with family dynamics is also something to consider. I haven’t written pets with my family fics and I plan to write more in the future. I might go back to this podcast as many times as I can to remind me of the wisdom that was discussed. More power to you all. 😘

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