Events Forecast – May 24, 2020


Marvel Events Central 

ONLY: Hi Fandom! OnlyMoreLove here, your interim forecaster back to tell you all about what goes on, challenge-wise in a marvel fandom near you in our event forecast! 

A little note before I start with the current events: you’ll be able to find everything I mention in this forecast linked and explained in the show notes of each episode over on

Alright, so now for the numerous fun events that are happening!

We told you the Cap-IM community had another surprise event for us last forecast and it was announced! The Fanworks Like It’s 2012! Prompt Fest is underway! Prompting is open and will stay so until the end of the fest on July 13 with initial prompt reveals happening tomorrow! There no minimum requirements, any medium you can think of is allowed and, contrary to the general events guidelines of the comm, fills made for the fest are eligible for cross-posting with the stony bingo!

The community has also issued a call for event mods to help with the upcoming Big Bang and the return of the Tiny Reverse Bang! More info on what that entails and how to offer your help in the post linked in the show notes! Cap-IM brings us a lot and Marie and I (Only) have been helping on various events recently. Yes, it’s work but it’s also a lot of fun and a different way to contribute to our community so if that sounds like something you’d like to do, definitely give it a try.

Are you a warrior of the fluff? A monster hoarder of the angst? A double agent who’ll lean to either side whenever the wind allows? An epic battle is coming to you June 9 to August 9 stony friends! Time to choose a side, or not, for the first annual SteveTony Games, this year it’s Angst vs Fluff! A bingo card will be issued featuring prompts from both sides of the spectrum, and both teams will launch themselves into a merciless battle for their side to win the maximum number of points! Stay tuned!

The sign-ups of the Marvel Blind Date are still open until the end of the round and the first prompts will be revealed June 1 so stay tuned for that. 

The artist sign-ups for the Marvel Reverse Big Bang, have closed! Submissions are expected by June 12 and writers will come in July 3 for claims!

Prompting for the Marvel Undercover prompt fest closes today, with claiming starting tomorrow and lasting until June 28. Posting will start on June 29. This year’s theme is music so get ready to vibe and dance friends.

A wild Winterironshield, or Stuckony, Reverse Bang has appeared! Sign-ups for both authors and artists will be open until June 10 with art previews happening on June 11! Art should be 80% done to be submitted and stories should be complete with a minimum of 5000 words by the time of posting which will happen between August 7 and 28. 

The Stucky Mixed Media Bang is back for a round 2! The event works as a prompt fest, with all the prompts being inspired by a piece of media other than Marvel. The minimum wordcount is 1000 words. Prompting and sign-ups are open until June 1, and additional rules and info can be found on their blog.

A new Ironhusbands Big Bang has announced the opening of its sign-ups! They will stay open until June 8 for authors and from June 1 to June 22 for artists. Artist claims will happen on July 3 with a posting period starting July 31. Writers have the option of choosing between a mini-bang (5000w) and a big bang (15000w). 

Samsteve are also ready to have some fun from June 28 to July 4 with the Samsteve Vacation Week, a ship week with themes and prompts to draw inspiration from to create anything you want, with no sign-ups or minimum requirements! 

Rhodey shippers assemble! The  Rhodey Appreciation Week has started and will go on till May 30. The prompts are on their tumblr if you haven’t looked them up yet!

The Tony Stark Bingo, Cap-IM bingo and comment bingo, Cap-IM kink meme and Lights on Park Avenue are still open for participants’ sign-ups and/or contributions and the links to all these are still in the show notes of episode one. The Cap-IM RBB is also still posting so if you want to give some love to our Stony collaborators, go go go!

This has been your events forecast, I’ll see you next episode and happy shipping! 

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