Events Forecast – March 29, 2020

Marvel Events Central 

Hi Fandom! Marie here, to tell you all about what goes on, challenge-wise in a marvel fandom near you in our event forecast! 

Alright, so now for the fun stuff: 

First of all, we cannot believe we did not mention this before but the Lights on Park Avenue Prompt Challenge is just closing its 7th Round and you have until March 31st to squeeze in some last creations. 

Lights on Park Avenue is a SteveTony prompt challenge that runs every month with a new set of varied, inspirational prompts which you can pick to create anything in the medium of your liking. No minimum requirements there. March’s themes were survival and spring.

 The Steve Rogers Birthday Bash 2020 is almost here as well! A flexible, mini-bang centered around our favorite Star Spangled Man, open to all ships and with sign-ups opening tomorrow and going until April 6th! 

In these times of lockdown, we have seen a number of initiatives spring up around fandom, and Fandom Trumps Hate launched one of their own in the form of the Fandom Central Directory of Creators. It is meant to support creators relying on their fanmade creations to keep afloat and connect them with other fans interested in what they offer.

On another note, Marie the crazy organizer came back and brings you the Rare Pairs Prompt Meme, for all the Stony+, Tony and/or Steve, or other rare pairs needs you may have. Prompting is open until April 18, with prompts made public and open to be filled from April 19 to May 18. 

Winteriron Month‘s last 3 days are free days to use any prompts from the list of the event or to rec works that didn’t fall into the previous category 

Another event we haven’t mentioned until now is the Stucky Blind Date, a collaborative event between artists and writers who have claimed the same premise in the form of a prompt. You can sign-up at any point until December and will no matter what, have until January 1, 2021 to fill your prompt with your collab partner. 

The SamSteve Anniversary Week is also starting today and will go on until April 4! It celebrates their first joint screen time in Civil War. It’s a prompt-based event like any other ship week.

 The sign-ups for the 3rd round of the Bucky Barnes Bingo are in their final stretch, be sure to get your sign-up in before  March 31st. Cards will be going out between April 1 and April 5! 

And if you haven’t already set up your project and goal for Camp Nanowrimo, you still have two days to do so as it will last for the whole of April!

As a reminder, the following events accept sign-ups or fills for the entire duration of their rounds, or close to: the MCU Kink Bingo, the Cap-Ironman Bingo and Comment Bingo, the Cap-Ironman Kink Meme and the Tony Stark Bingo. All relevant info can be found on their respective blogs, which you’ll find linked in the show notes of our first episode.

This has been your events forecast. Happy shipping! 

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