Episode Three: Tumblr and Tropes

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Featuring: Flame and Ferret discuss the tumblr porn purge, the factors that may have led up to it, and where we go from here. We dive into the concept of “moar cake” also known as “The Two Cakes Principle” and what it means for new creators. In minis, we get a trope-off update, hear from the community, and get your events forecast.

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Hot Topic: Tumblr Porn Purge, Creator Corner: Moar Cake, Community Talks, Events Forecast

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Thank you to starksnack, onlymorelove, and our PotSCast Team.


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Hot Topic: The tumblr Porn Purge
Factors Leading to the Purge, Purity Culture and Sexphobia, Grieving Lost Spaces

Creator Corner: Moar Cake
The Two Cakes Principle, Advice for New Creators, Cliches are Friends Not Food

Trope-Off, Community Talks, Events Forecast, Thank You, Sign-off

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4 thoughts on “Episode Three: Tumblr and Tropes

  1. Amazing episode again! I loved professor flame, this was great to hear about the sociological aspect ! 👍🏼 And hearing you both being a bit emotional about the brag bucket also brought some tears in my eyes so yeah for being proud of oneself ! Thanks to all the staff for this amazing pod ! ❤️

  2. Once again, very good episode. I really did feel sad about the Tumblr purge and why they keep on repressing our enjoyment as women to like what we want, and to express what we want. And socially speaking, yes maybe prof. Flame is right about America. I read some of the links provided about purity and rape culture that makes me sad. Maybe that’s why I really liked reading A/B/O stuff, because for once its nice to see men in vulnerable positions, we as women can relate to. I just hate when people will say, why ship two men? Im like, well, Im just shipping two characters with amazing chemistry who happened to be male. TYVM! It doesn’t hurt that they’re both attractive.
    Also, I feel motivated with the more cake inspo. Yes, I’ve seen that comic a thousand times, and as a consumer and reader, I really do like more of the same bunch of my favorite tropes. Like if Im obssessed with TsumTsum fics then I would literally mass read TsumTsum or if I really liked MPReg I will read lots of it.
    Thank you for also mentioning the tropes, brag bucket and and stuff on the discord. Im enjoying my time there.

  3. Flame, let me say that your works are INCREDIBLE. I know your brain will be stubborn and refuse to believe that (trust me I relate) but I just wanted to say it.
    Also I adored your tone of voice when you said “you are not” when talking about someone being sad about more cake 😆

    Brag bucket was such a beautiful event! It was cathartic and inspiring to both write my own and read everyone else’s stories.

    You’re both great. Thank you for all you do for the fandom

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