Events Forecast – March 1, 2020

Marvel Events Central 

Hi Fandom! Marie here to tell you all about what goes on, challenge-wise in a marvel fandom near you in our event forecast! 

The bidding weeks of both Fandom for Australia and Fandom Trumps Hate are now closed. So a reminder that the Winning Bidders of FFA are expected to show proof of donation by March 15th, while the receipts of FTH’s winning bidders are due March 6th at 8 pm EST.


Yesterday was the last day of prompts from the Marvel Harlequin Hoopla, a Happily Ever After Marvel multiship and fandom-wide prompt challenge, but if you’re still working on a fill for the hoopla and you haven’t been able to post it yet, fear not, you have until March 15 to get them in!

The Cap-Ironman Reverse Bang will be holding limited-time discord chats for both the writers and artists of the event. The first of those chats will happen on March 8, and you can help set the time for that by responding to the poll that’s up on the tumblr as well as the community’s DW page.

The Cap-Ironman bingo is taking sign-ups and delivering cards until the end of the current round, that is July 31st.

The community’s comment bingo is also still running and you can get a card for the round until April 30th. 

Finally, the kink meme is on-going as well, and follows the same schedule as the regular bingo you can therefore drop or fill a prompt up until July 31st.

These 3 challenges are open to all creators, and members of the community at large. All relevant info, rules and dates can be found on the community’s DW page

Tony Stark Bingo is also taking late sign-ups until June 1, the current round ending July 4. Details on how to get a standard card are on their tumblr. Email to request NSFW or SFW any time after sign ups close. 

The MCU Kink Bingo is also accepting late sign-ups through its sign-up link, which can be found on their blog. The round ends on April 30th.

And last but not least, the Put on the Suit Stony (MCU, 18+) Discord server has announced a new event! The Brag Bucket! Taking place during the weekend of March 21st/March 22nd, members will be invited to say good things about themselves and will enter a prize raffle as a result! So if you’re not a part of the server yet, you might consider joining for the fun that will bring, and if you are, get ready to brag stonies! Click here to join!

This has been your events forecast, I’ll see you next episode and happy shipping! 


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