Welcome to the PotsCast!

We are absolutely delighted to welcome you to the online home of Pod on the Suit – your Steve and Tony fandom podcast, hosted by Ferret and Flame.

On this site, you’ll find everything you need to know to interact with this world we’re building. Would you like to contribute to the podcast? You’ll find everything you need in the Participate tab in the menu bar. We’re soliciting guest stars, opinion pieces, fic recommendations, art resources… basically, we want to make this as communal as possible to reflect the kaleidoscope of fandom.

A brief tour of the site – the top menu will provide quick links to everywhere you need to go. Links to Ferret and Flame’s various social media, as well as all of the socials for the show itself, can be found on the ‘Contact Us’ page. That’s also where you’ll find the permanent invitation to our Discord server, which is where a lot of the magic behind this thing is going to happen. Polls, chatter, making friends and influencing people… all on the server.

Each one of our episodes will be permanently hosted on its own post here on the site, with searchable tags and download options. Speaking of the podcast – it’ll post a new episode every two weeks, starting on March 1.

We also want to thank the incomparable starksnack for our incredible PotsCast art! The cuddling, the cuddling.

Make yourself comfy, tell DUM-E if you don’t mind being extinguished (he and Flame have an understanding), and let JARVIS and FRIDAY know your favorite snacks so we can stock them. Welcome pals, we’re glad to have you!

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